Process of


Video Ads which showcase your brand & product

Use the power of videos to showcase what your brand is all about, so that you create emotional connections with your potential customers. Showing them through video rather than telling them builds trust, and helps create demand for your product/service.

Retarget interested customers to drive conversions.

Annoying your customers with product photos, banner ads, and sales orientated adverts will push customers away. We are not showing the same ad over, and over again. AdJourneys uses data to ensure the video ads are shown to people who are interested in what your brand offers and stands for.


Provide access

We need access to your Product & Social Media Accounts

Once we have access to your product and your social media accounts we are ready to create your AdJourneys campaign!

You can send us your products, or just give us access so we can film your product or service. 

We will also request access to your Facebook Page and Instagram Account & Ad Manager Account.


We create

We go and create your AdJourneys campaign

Our team of Content Creators and Ad Managers go away and create all of the videos and Ads needed. But don’t worry you are in full control over the process. We work with you to plan the videos, and campaign to ensure it helps accelerate your business & brand in the right direction!


You Approve

It only goes live if you’re 100% happy!
Once your AdJourneys campaign is ready we make sure you’re as happy with it as we are. It will only go live once you have given us the green light.

Watch the Sales

Sit back and relax as AdJourneys finds your next customer

It can take a few days, but once your AdJourneys campaign is live you can sit back and relax as AdJourneys finds, nurtures, and converts your next customer.

 We don’t stop there! We constantly optimise, refine and improve the way we find customers to ensure we are increasing the ROI of the campaign.